5 minutes project | homemade make-up remover

P1050614Have you ever numbered how many time you do this simple little gesture over the year?

Simply picking up a cotton ball, droping some make-up remover on it and cleaning your pretty face with it? Have you ever wondered what this habit really costs to your skin and wallet? Way too much, in my opinion.

I’ve been using this diy make-up remover for a while now, and I LOVE it ! Here’s why :

1/ It is gentle (oh so gentle) to my skin and my sensible eyes.

2/ It is SO close to free, it’s almost indecent.

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Around the world | January in Uruguay

Diapositive1Ooooh that was a tough one… should I share it, or should I keep for myself the secret of the most peaceful land that can be found on this planet?

You got lucky, the itch for sharing good good stuffs won. Guys, one word when planning your next big trip : Uruguay ! You know, this small country stuck between two giants, Argentina and Brasil ! Famous for having the coolest president in the world ?

Want a tour?

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Winter is here #1 | Lentils & spinach soup recipe

recette-soupe-lentilles-corail-épinards-02At the sight of my frozen feet, I propose a new soup recipe. This surely is the best soup I’ve eaten in recent months. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor it gives off. I was a little skeptical at first. I wondered what would happen with this mixture of cumin, turmeric and cinnamon. These three spices are quite powerful and should be measured accurately. In the end they go great! Continue reading

Christmas time | Easy gingerbread recipe

recette-pain-épices-09Winter is coming, Christmas too. Garlands decorate the street lights, Christmas trees made of wood, rubber (and sometimes real tree) are invited in the dining room, the smell of mulled wine perfume the streets … It’s time to eat accordingly! For me, no holiday without a good gingerbread. This cake has all the ingredients that I cherish every day: honey, citrus, cinnamon, ginger … I could eat it all year round! But I like to follow the traditions. Especially when they are culinary. Continue reading

Fall lights | homemade natural candles

P1050218 (2)For most of us europeans, fall rhymes with “almost night at 2 pm”, “rain 35 days a month” and “constant dripping of the nose”. Oh friends… Fall is so much more ! It’s an outburst of reds and yellows and oranges, it’s the return of cozy outfits, the perspective of christmas lights, hot wine sweet smell and time to welcome back raclette to our table.

Jolly Jumble found a way to gather two of these happy fall delights in a very simple, entirely natural and perfectly delicous tutorial. This way if you want to learn how to create perfumed candles that will channel christmas spirit, a soft light and hot wine smell directly to your home. (You can add to the coziness of the moment by enjoying them a homemade crochet hat on your head and a plate of tartiflette in front of you).

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Fall Recipe #1 | Butternut Squash + Sweet potato, salty recipe

recette-soupe-courge-patate-douce-01The falling temperatures made me remember the existence of cold and woolen gloves. The good weather is over. Barbecues with friends give way to cocooning evenings. Evenings that look like: me + blanket + bowl of soup, watching too much series. It sounds cliché, but it is reality. So yes, in winter, I’m lazy and little asocial. But,  there is one thing I still do: cook seasonal. Continue reading

Happy Homemade Halloween !

IMAG0524_1Here in France, it’s probably been ten years since the last shop took down any pumpkin or spider net from their window, and NO ONE get dressed as an ugly old witch on the 31th anymore. This is way too sad, and we have nothing to hold on to before we can go wild on christmas decorations. This is why Jolly Jumble campaigns for a halloween come back ! And to be honest, I live for holidays. If I listened to my brain, my living room would already be swamped with glittery decorations. I stopped listing to my brain a while ago though. I don’t have the energy.

In its great generosity, the Jolly Jumble crew shares a few halloween ideas with you all. Dear lost souls, please come this way …

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